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6 words for addie

My lovely friend addie71  gave me the following 6 words:
snuggles, sweet, quandary, hearth, loving, crisp.

So this is for you, my dear!

Title: "Quandary"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

You felt asleep on the hearth rug after

we took a little walk through

the cold winter night…

Crisp air cutting your faces

like knives…

You had that look in your eyes,

you made me realize

that there’s someone loving

behind these eyes.


So what shall I do.

Just stay your friend?

Should I risk more?

Should I risk our friendship

Because of lust?


Could it be …



I’m in a quandry.

You are my friend.

My closest friend.

You’re tugging at my heart.

I tell myself this is no fault of my own..

If only I could hold you

a little bit longer,

maybe you could take back

those drops of


Overwhelmed by the thought of a snuggle,

a sweet kiss…


Stop it!


And I thought my heart had

turned to stone

but I was only

lonely …

incomplete without you.

I’m wishing

for soft brightness

that comes with your presence…

wishing for a miracle

that will most

certainly come

as you.


If I could bring you

just a bit closer,

even it’s just a little

I think I’d risk

to open

my tightly

sealed  door.

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