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6 words for claudia

My dear friend claudia603   gave me these 6 words:
crystal, pearly, crisp, elaborate, wistful, heart

So this is for you, sweetheart:

Title: "King"
Pairing: Aragorn/Frodo
Rating: PG

The Earth told me last night

what I feel –

what you feel…

Your eyes pearly pools …

reflecting the total sky.

The wistful frame is broken –

broken by hopes and faith.

The version of heaven

crystal clear as window glass …

The window to my soul

is opened

to let in crisp air …

A pretty little background

elaborated by you, little one.

The clouds of sorrow

that weight my heart …


You survived.

You’re alive.

The torch now holds the flame of

my beating heart.


You are more king

than I ever will be.

Have a marvelous day, my friends. .
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