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6 words for earth_dragon

My dear friend earth_dragon  gave me these words:
eyes, faith, air, fire, water, earth.
Great words!

So this is for you, sweetie:

Title: "Elements"
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG

Dip your fingers in earth –

one by one …

Smell your hands, my dear…

It will remind you on our

Beloved Shire.


Let me wrap you in … air

Holding you means

Sorrows melt away.

Be held by you means

Faith and when you kiss me

Those kisses bring back

Warmth of a breathing fire, never ending…


Tears form pools of pearls in your eyes,

Tears I kiss away from your face…

Tears splashing like a sigh

on your skin ..

Flooded heartbeats…


Whispering your name

to your creamy skin

pale as moonlight …


Water, Fire, Air and Earth …
What more could I desire …

Beyond reach of all understanding…

I want to tell you …

This  is what you are to me,


No matter what.

Thank you, lovey!

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