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6 words for melanieathene

My dear Mel gave me these words:
snow, stars, hope, silence, heart, forever.

Oh my, I got the best words!

So here we go, this is for you, sweetie:

Title: "My friend"
Pairing:  Bodie/Doyle
Rating: PG

The colour of your eyes is hope…

I thought.

The heart in me is twisting

shutting out the lights

but the vision of you


Delicate tingles of love …

once made…

awakening in silence

the drumming heartbeats

in my ears …


Closing my eyes

I see … stars …

you are one of them

my “friend”.

A charming hurtful word.



Now awake

heart and love lost …

standing at the window

in a cold winter night

the tide has moved to

forever silence.


Like these icicles

our love

didn’t last forever.

Have a lovely day, f-list.
Now the last of our guests is leaving and I have to clean up - where's a hobbit when you need one??!!

Love you all,
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