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6 words for shirebound

My dear friend  shirebound</lj>  gave me these words:
snowhobbit, mittens, Frodo, Sam, joy, special

So this is for you, my dear:

Title: Snowhobbits
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG

This afternoon I did something

I didn’t do in years.

I built a snowhobbit with Frodo.

There it was again –

this incredible ache in my heart.

The yearning I have to hide

behind smiles and good temper.

The pain that makes me survive…

because you’re worth it.


I remember one winter day

a long time ago …

when we built snowhobbits…

When you told me

I’m not only your companion,

your friend,

your gardener…

I’m your Sam.


I had to cover the proof …

Of hours of

Warm embraces, heated movements

covering the discoloured mark

with my hands covered in mittens

on the spot where Frodo’s

lips lingered in lazy kisses

against my throat –

that my Gaffer wouldn’t see it…


It was the first time

I realized

I never absorbed another’s

Joy, warmth and radiating


like this.

The special charm only my Frodo has.

This never changed.


Watching little Frodo now

makes me happy

and sad.

It will last a very long time

until we’ll meet again.


I don’t know

how I can bear

the pang of love...

I don’t know,



Happy Sunday to all of you!
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