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6 words for elderberrywine

This is for my dear friend elderberrywine 
You gave me the words: fire, crunch, tender, mittens, drifts, Sam
So this is for you, sweetie!

Title: Winter ... games?
Pairing: F/S
Rating: G

Backed against

the soaked cushioned arm

of Bilbo’s old chair

behind the tool shed…

snow and ice crunching under

their restless feet…

like they are walking

on fire…

Mittens like fluffy

white towels against

his back …

Sam drifts away…

Tender touches

burning holes

with hot fingertips


Coldness and heat…

Shadows and light …

Ashes and fire…

overpowering release


In the depth of winter

Sam finally learns

there is in him and

in Frodo

an everlasting summer.

Love and lots of hugs,
Julchen .

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