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for aliensouldream

Aliensouldream posted this pic- it's very inspiring, isn't it?
She asked for a little gothic poem ... I gave it a try...
This is for you, dear!

Title: Stranger
Paring: C/Z
Rating: ??


I awoke to the cold gray twilight

seeping through

the closed blinds.

I decided to wait

for the darkness

because I don’t like the light.

I don’t like any kind of light.


The next time I awoke

it was in the dark of night.

Now it was time …

I tried to walk straight

but the thunder in my head

was beyond control.


There were you.

More illuminating than I could bear …

“Take care, little one,”

I growled to myself.


You looked concerned …

Innocent and shy.

“Do you believe in fate?” –

you asked.


“No, because I don’t like the fact

that my life is being controlled…”

Easy prey!


My voice became more hoarsely

“I wish your mother had told you

to stay away from strangers…”


You had no chance.

Good night, f-list! I hope you're doing as well as I do! Weekend and Froday is close!!!

Love and hugs,
Julchen .
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