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Happy Weekend!

I was so stupid to believe there would be some time to be here today.
Oh my, real life sometimes really sucks...

Hope to see you tonight, my friends.
Have a nice day.

Title: The window
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

This is for you, my dearest  tariana 
Just because. 

The Window"

Inside me

there is a secret window,

a window that only I can see through.

This window looks deep into my soul,

over the landscapes of my heart and imagination.

So far no one opened it,

no one knows what’s behind this window.

I thought about


I should allow you

to see through it.

But this means

I would share my imaginations, my dreams…

my secrets.


With your bright  eyes

you are looking at me …

full of love and trust …


It’s your smile

and the love in your eyes

that makes me feel safe


so there was no chance

to keep it closed…


the window

to my inner-self

is already



by your soul.


Tags: casey/zeke

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