julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

My Sunday word: newspaper

It's a wonderful Sunday word, isn't it?
So I scribbled a little bit , this is for our dear mews1945 
Just because ...

Title: one of these days
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

One of these days


Sunday afternoon…

Usually it’s just wonderful

resting and dreaming

being at home...

with you.


Today it’s one of these days

I feel sad

I feel lonely

I feel hurt.

You didn’t come –

Though I knew you wouldn’t come -
you told me why you won't make it  -

it tortures me.


I feel like a dead man

to sit in the silence

of my ghostly lover.

Vision shaved away –

taking the dead feeling …

stumbling back to life…

still struggling…


I have lunch at the little restaurant

you like so much.

An elderly man across from my table

reads yesterday’s newspaper.

There’s an empty seat

next to him …

as it is empty next to me.


Something blue flashes by.

Blue … like your eyes.

I close my eyes

and  now I can see you.

Your face is the light

I cannot leave…

I will not leave…

So I kiss your mouth

without touching …





I miss you, Casey.

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends !

Love, Julchen
Tags: casey/zeke

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