julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Special night...

Title: Spooky night
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

Take the wings of the night

at Vampire’s flight

You’re looking for more?

Casey…Just open your door.

There you are

Without any scar

This will be changed

When all is arranged.

Diabolic gaze

Lack of grace

Limb up, lay down

No sooner said than done

You’ll get no chance

When I’m in trance.

No tears.

No fears.

Blood and sweat

Is what I’ll get.

On the stroke of nine

You will be mine.

Moaning … growling

Groaning … howling

Tossing … turning

Bonfires burning

Our bodies in heat

No hide and seek

You’re all I need

You’re my trick and my treat.


Take care, my friends! Spooky wooky and a Jolly Halloween!


Tags: casey/zeke

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