julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Hello friends,
you is your Sunday going? Mine was just wonderful. Much time for just doing NOTHING!
I enjoyed the autumn sun outside, the warmth of the heater inside and to cuddle with my kitties.
And I "wasted" *giggles* some time with reading and writing.

Title: "Listen"
Pairing: C/Z; E/S;
Rating: G


Finally we are together
breathing ...
hot intimate light.
Heaven opens up to us
in passionate moonbeams.

Dark clouds still linger ...
I use my imagination to forget
past failures.
There are arms
that hold me,
arms that keep me
safe -  
arms open for the final mystery.
Soulful seduction ...
nothing to hide anymore.

I'm watching you
more intense ...
now I know the pleasant warmth
of your heart.
Loneliness' fingers can't
reach me anymore -
now there are touchy hands ...
soft and strong ...
gently squeezing.
Every moment is precious.

Gazing into my lovers eyes
there's a fire glowing.
He makes me stop
but also to go on
with pride
and courage.

'Put your head over my heart and listen'
he says.
I'm listening ...
to his breathing ...

His beating heart -
the soft little rhythm
shows me
my heart begins
to open ...

Happy Sunday night, dears!

Love and hugs,


Tags: c/z; e/s;

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