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Sunday morning

Good morning f-list! What a wonderful morning it is! I got up at 5 a.m. and it's sooooo beautiful outside. I still had a morning walk together with Josh and it was great!

Now I'll have the huge cup of tea with sugar and cream, mmmmm....

Title: Sunday Morning
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

„Morning sky“


Who calls me on Sunday morning

at 6 .m.?

As if I had to ask.

“Zeke!!! Open your window!!! Quick!!!”

Quick at this time of the … night

isn’t possible.


O. k. I opened the window and what?

“Look at the sky! Isn’t it BEEEEAUTIFUL?”

He woke me because of the morning sky?

You’re in danger, Casey.

He’s talking and talking and talking.

Did he eat a dictionary at night?

Of course I can’t concentrate,

Of course I won’t remember anything he says-

but I’ll remember the sound of his voice,

the sing-sang, the smile in it, the laughings

and this incredible enthusiasm.

Imagine – a flood of words rolling over me

and my grumpy-no-so-good-morning-Tyler-person…

loves it.


He’s always like that …

Optimistic, positive and he simply says

“YES” to life.

And my “MAYBE” to life

changes …

more and more


Now I see it, too.

The morning sky IS incredibly beautiful.


This makes me laugh

“Good morning, Casey!”


Good morning, world!

Have a gorgeous day, f-list!!!


Tags: casey/zeke

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