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Finally  there's a little time just for ME and YOU f-list! I'm so sorry I couldn't be that much lately but
I bookmarked so many entries and I'll try to catch up with you all - though it will take me quite a time :-)
You've been all so very busy - that's wonderful!
I'm sure I'll always be much behind but I try to catch up with all of you.
I wish I could read more quick (without using the dictionary now and then) but you are all great teachers to me and maybe time will come when I will understand everything :-)

I hope you're all ok and the sun and the stars are shining for you.

Take care, my dears! I miss you all soooo very much.

Title: Stillness
Pairing: ?/?
Rating: G

Kneeling before your bed

I see someone

who no one knows.


Silence speaks,

silence isn’t still –

it leads …

most perfectly.


My hands shake as I reach

to touch your face.

Your face …

relaxed, content …



Your smile …

that tells me everything.

As well as your eyes …

Eyes – it seems –

I’ve always known.


I’m listening


to your

breathing …

to gently murmured words …

words I don’t understand

besides …

my name.


Love is the inner bond,

the inner connection between you and me,

between the finite and the infinite.

Love means giving and

becoming one


with everything.


Slowly touching your chest …

the heat and the feeling of your

beating heart

fills me

with awe.



Beauty is strong arms like yours

holding me warm.

Beauty is upon you like

thousand whispering sighs.


Remembering our first kiss …

your kiss swept me away

like a big powerful wave.

Knowing I can hold you,

embrace you

feels like a dream.


Here and Now

in the stillness of

this place

my dreams

are real.


Whatever lies ahead

I’ll always treasure

moments like this,

moments of gentle peace.


Without being touched

Embraced only by your warmth

I feel ..




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