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First of all - I missed two birthdays 

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO  sue_denimme  and trust_no_1 
I hope you had a wonderful day, my dears. I wish you all the very best!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ladysnaps   and  romeny 
May this day be very special, full of love and joy!

I'm so glad to know you all because friends here are amazing!

Title: Autumn
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG


Every autumn I revel in the beauty

of the fall colours.

I love to be here in my secret garden,

it’s like a gentle touch

for my bleeding heart.

What a lovely way to end the day.


Most of the year

the colours of the trees and bushes

are masked by a great amount

of green colouring.

Now all has turned into a mixture

of orange, yellow, purple and red.


Sitting on my little garden bench …

looking around …

Mother Nature  seems like a painting to me.

It only occurs for a brief time -

each fall it leaves me breathless.


The leaves will soon be blown off

by the wind…

leaving behind …

leaf scars.


There are scars on my heart, too.

Scars of unrequited love.

Mr. Bilbo told me few days ago

“Dream no small dreams, Sam-lad,

for they have no power to move

the heart of

the one you love.”


I think Mr. Bilbo knows…

Unfortunately Mr. Frodo doesn’t

seem to notice at all…


With a sigh I get up,

talking to myself  ...

“Save the nighttimes for weeping, Sam…”


Turning around ...

all the beautiful colours are

fading …


by the most incredible blue eyes in Middle Earth.


There’s a smile ...
a whisper…

“It’s magical here, my Sam…”


No, Frodo, it’s just a garden .

“Love is the magician here, Frodo…”


From now on…

autumn will be my favorite time of the year.

Lots of love for the birthday girls and  my f-list!
Tags: frodo/sam; birthday;

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