julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Two special birthdays!

Happy Birthday Frodo Baggins !

Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins!

Title: I remember
Pairing: ?
Rating: PG

I remember…

their first birthday at Bag End.

Very clearly.

It was the last year without a big party.

Only me and my family was invited to a little celebration.


I remember…

my old Master standing hand-in-hand with his Frodo lad at the door awaiting us.

My Belle told me he has never seen the Master that content and … happy.

My youngest and Bag End’s heir are very close friends since then.

As I’m to Mr. Bilbo.


I remember…

the first gift for his boy (he always called him like that) –

It was a little book with fairytales and lots of pictures.


I remember…

those big blue eyes were beaming with delight, shining nearly as much as my Master’s.

I have to admit I thought him unreal, so not only my Sammy saw him like that.  To tell the truth – the little one was a pleasure to Bilbo. He wasn’t alone anymore.


I remember…

later the day - after we had some of my Belle’s delicious apple-pie - Bilbo began to tell a story about dragons and elves, stars and unknown countries. Frodo and Sam sat on his knees, leaning against his chest, playing with the golden buttons of Master Bilbo’s vest.  

I remember…

The wee ones holding their breath…

Excited… curious…

Sam grabbing for Frodo’s hands…

They were listening in awe  with blushing cheeks.
Even my always bubbling Samwise has become very quiet.

We enjoyed the story very much as well as those two.
A great story teller the old Master was.
Is has become a confirmed habit then for Bilbo
telling stories to the young ones on Bagginses birthday.


I remember now –

many years later –
it’s their birthday again –
their closeness, their calmness, their respect and their love for each other.


In times like these the new Master’s eyes are sad.

His eyes are telling me he misses his cousin …

and so do I.


But like Bilbo every year he assumes the habit of storytelling
– both –
the young and the old ones -


Happy Birthday young Master of Bag End! 


Dear old Master – I wish you could be here now.

You’d be very proud of your boy. As proud as I am now.

I have to say


Master Frodo is a worthy heir  and
a Baggins, through and through.


Happy Birthday to you, too.

Lots of love and hugs for our beloved hobbits,

... and for my f-list, too!

No beta, all mistakes are mine...
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