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It's a birthday!!!

artwork made by nierwen_b</lj> 

Happy birthday my dear friend elderberrywine</lj> 
Thank you so much for your friendship and love.
Have a terrific and fantastic day, my dear!
Your wishes are my wishes for you!

Title: "The picture"
Pairing: Bilbo/Frodo
Rating: PG

These days I remember our first night at Bag End.

He felt so lonely, my little boy. He cried a lot and it took me quite a time to calm him.

I took him into my arms and we sat down on a chair in the kitchen.


Suddenly his eyes got locked on a picture (you know, the one above the chimney.).


“Uncle, may I ask you something?”

“Of course, Frodo. Ask whatever you want!”

“Who is that on the picture?” He was distracted and a little restless (I should learn he’s like that all day long).


“This is my good old friend Gandalf the grey, Frodo.” He looked puzzled.

 “Gandalf? What a funny name…”

“He’s a wizard!” His eyes grew bigger and he whispered in awe “A wizard…”

I took the picture to put it on the table. After a little while he touched it carefully with his little hands.


“Where does he come from, Bilbo? How old is he? He has many wrinkles – I’m sure he is almost as old as you…” This makes me chuckle… “Look at his eyes… they are so … so… mysterious and it seems he’s looking straight into my eyes. He looks so grumpy but … kindly, too…”


“From where he comes and how old he is – nobody knows… But you are right, he’s a very good friend and very friendly… sometimes…”

He took the picture into his hands and stared at it. “Friendly… only sometimes? So I will have to be careful or he will turn me into … an ugly toad.”

This made me laughing out loud.

“Does he come often, Uncle…” I was frowing, hmmm… “It’s been quite a while, it’s indeed a very long time we met.” This hasn’t changed. I wonder where you are, my friend.


 “You can get the picture if you want, Frodo…” There it was for the first time at Bag End -  this radiant smile… “Oh Uncle! Thank you, Bilbo! It’s my own then?” This made me laugh again. He hugged me tight – as tight as a little hobbit could do!


Then he looked at me mischievously (he’s a Baggins!) “Uncle?”

“Yes, Frodo.”

“I think I like you very much!”

And he hugged me again.


“So I’ll tell you a little story …”


He snuggled closer, shut his eyes and curled up small …

And a little time later he almost felt asleep he whispered (still holding the picture in one hand and one of hands in his other hand)…

 “Good night, Uncle Bilbo. Good night, Mr. Gandalf. I think I’ll like you … nearly as much as Bilbo…and I can tell you, I love my uncle more than mushroom soup!”


It was a good decision  to take him with me.

He’s a good boy, my heir, the future master of Bag End.

It wasn’t the last time I went to bed with a smile.

Love shines always upon the bed of my boy, it is in the air and it is the light of our hearts. This little hobbit fills my world with melodies – he changes worthless things to joy.


I'm supernervous, there was not time to give it to my beta, so all mistakes are mine.
I hope it works a little and there are not too many mistakes (as I said, mistakes are mine and mine alone).

Lots of love and have a beautiful Sunday for all of you!

Tags: bilbo/frodo

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