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It's a birthday!

Happy birthday my dear lbilover 
Thank you for being one of the most wonderful friends I know!
You're often brightening  my days with your incredible love for words (I don't have to mention The Woodjin , do I?)
Have a fantastic day with lots of fun, love, laughter and sunshine!

Title: Reading
Pairing: ?
Rating: PG

It’s unusually quiet this morning …

No music to hear at their side of the trailer?

I think I’ll have a little peak …


He is holding a book in one hand

and seems to be lost …

captured by the mystery of language.

I love it when he’s reading to Elijah aloud.

The volume of his voice ranges from

a mere whisper to cheering excitement.

With his voice he adds new

tones, colours… contours.

Sometimes he stretches a word just

to enjoy its meaning,

sometimes he playfully tosses them around

in his special kind of way.


I can’t imagine a more beautiful melody,

at these moments Sean

is soooo much Sam.


I’m smiling, even giggling

(incredible, isn’t it?) –

You don’t have to be a “wizard”

to see their special bond of



It would be hard for Frodo NOT

to fall in love with him.


Elijah obviously couldn’t resist …


They say love is about taking risks,

Looking at them another time
(they are holding hands by the way...)
I know it’s true:
The things you love the most,
Are the ones that are worth it all.


I always knew I was right …


Come on, old man –

Stop day-dreaming

and eavesdropping!

Love and big tight birthday hugs!

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