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It's a birthday!!!

Happy birthday my dear keye</lj>   !
May this day be full of happiness and joy, sunshine and laughter.
You deserve all the very best!

Title: Blue eyes
Pairing: ?/?
Rating: PG


„Blue blue eyes“


Sipping my  first cup of coffee

in the cool shade of the kitchen

I’m looking at

my favourite picture of you.


Not matter what you say –

it’s your eyes

I’m drowning in

every time you look at me.

Even a simple photo

takes my breath away.


In the depth of your blue eyes

there’s power, strength, mystery,

Spirituality, grace as well as

truth, carefulness, yearning

and love.


Your eyes are revealing

a heart of light.

They’re enfolding me…

flowing into every

cell of my body.


You’re not here …

but even now

I’m drawing strength and


from your closeness.


Have faith in us you said to me


That I have.

I’m glad to know you.

I’m blessed to love you.

Happy Sunday to my f-list!!!!

Love and hugs,

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