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sometimes ...


Sometimes saying I'm sorry means more then I love you.

Sometimes holding hands means more then making love with you.

Sometimes its hard when loves so strong a cord.

Sometimes its easy to forget,
Sometimes its easy to desire to be adored.

Sometimes we overlook the weaknesses that we have.

Sometimes it makes us happy,
Sometimes it makes us sad.

Sometimes we remember that it is OK to mad.
Sometimes we reflect and are just glad to have a path.

Sometimes we drift,
Sometimes we fall.
Sometimes we heal.
Sometimes we loose it all.

Sometimes it doesn't matter.
Sometimes everything's OK.

Sometimes is like what ever,
Sometimes we just need to say get

Sometimes I will linger and you will do the same.

And yet as always,

Sometimes we wake up and its a brand new day.

Rachel Fogle

Have a wonderful day all of you!

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