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Good morning!!!

Have a nice day, friends! Hey, it's the middle of the week already - weekend is close!!!

Title: Dream catcher
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

Marybeth hurt you more than she hurt me.

You can cope with it at daylight,

You can’t do it at night.

We’ll only make it together.

Let me help you as much

As you’re helping me.


Every time I close my eyes

There’s YOU

Telling me who I am.


Neither I’m  the dove you think me to be -

Nor are you the hawk you want to be.


We’re equal …

Equally hurt.

We’ll never forget this horrible day

But memories will lessen…


You told me you heard me screaming,

You told me you couldn’t reach me

Because you couldn’t move.

You feel guilty.

Stop tearing you to pieces.

It’s not your fault.


She’s still  haunting me in my nightmares,

She always catches you in your dreams.


Let me be your dream catcher, Zeke.

I won’t lose you.

But I need your help to make YOU



Only then we’ll have a future


You and me.

Just talk to me…


See you later, guys :-)

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