julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Title: "Don't"
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

My heart sees what’s invisible to my eyes.

You don’t quite know how to feel …


Don’t be always that realistic.

Vision gives us the impulse

to make pictures our own.

To me imagination is like

breathing …

Your imagination is

out of focus –



That’s why you won’t depend

on your eyes.

That’s why you won’t believe

that there's something going on
between us.


Let your visions flow …

dare to dream…


For quite a time the silence

isn’t the same anymore.


I don’t count my

innumerable deaths

when we say


Not anymore.


Don’t step back.

Don’t be afraid.


Love makes us whole

and complete.

There are memories –

memories deep in my heart.

I remember your trembling lips

soft and cool

gentle but demanding.

Didn’t you enjoy this one  kiss?

Don’t let this first kiss be our last…



Do you really want to be alone?

Do you like your company in empty moments?


I don’t believe it, Zeke.

I just don’t …

I can’t believe it.


I know you

will stand

in the centre of the

burning fire.

With me.

The time will come

you’ll know this, too.


Sometimes I’m so

stupidly happy

because of the beauty

of my dreams.


Maybe some day

I’ll have the courage

to tell you


I feel...

I hope the week started very well for you. Oh my, I don't like Mondays THAT much...

Good night, my friends!

Tags: casey/zeke

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