julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

 This is for my dear friend elderberrywine

Title: Love Remains
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG

I dream of you

But dreams move quick and fast…

just to fade.

You’re so far apart

yet it seems

you answer my call,

my plea…


I close my eyes and

imagine just one

little touch

in the stillness of the night.

You’re touching my senses

through emotions.

It’s your voice I hear


and again.


Breathing in your pillows,

cool sheets caressing my skin…

reaching out in the twilight…

Listening to the song of my heart.

My heart is full

yet empty, too.


“Love was sometimes all we had”

It’s your voice I hear again.


All the time I held you in my arms,
I had the whole world right there.

In this tranquillity

I’m as selfless as

the scented breeze

of deepest love.

Sensuous renewal vibrating

through me…


I know –

I’m sure you will know, too –

Wherever you are –

our love

will remain

at the back of beyond.


I silently cry.

I miss you, Master.


Tags: frodo/sam

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