julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

What a beeeeautiful Sunday! It's cold, it's raining ... isn't it the perfect day for reading and writing and dreaming?
With friends like you around it's simply fan-tastic! 


Title: Suntime
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G



Sunday morning.

Fingers twined…

Breathing slowly…

Totally relaxed.

I’ve found the letter, last night.

I was surprised and most of all


And happy.

If I wouldn’t have been in love with you already

I would have fallen in love with you at once.

I had to wake you

I couldn’t bear this immense happiness



When I kissed you

this kiss

wasn’t ‘just a kiss’.

It began and ended

Each second…

I kissed your lips,

Your face,

Your heart,

Your mind.

Soulmate’s touch…


I paused a moment just to stare…

When you kissed me back

the earth underneath me was shaking

“I wish you could see into my heart

You would see all the love I have to share.”


Eyes wide open and ready for the world

You smiled and I couldn’t breath…

Our desires flew free
Unlocking unending dreams…

“I’ll write a letter to you, too…”

You smiled “you just did it, Casey.

With your hands you did it…”


Looking at him now

His head resting in my lap…


There’s so much love in his eyes

and it’s for me.

For me alone.

“Thank you, Casey” you whisper…

Sun-time has come and

with it

my Zeke. 

Now I'll try to catch up with my f-list *rubs hands*
Have a wonderful Sunday, sweethearts! 

Love and hugs, 


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