julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Thank you so much for your lovely words, my friends. 
I don't know what it was that I felt so down yesterday, but today turns out to be pretty good...
The sun was shining this morning at 7 a.m., now it has become a little rainy again but it doesn't really matter. 
Today I'm feeling pretty well ... 

Title: Over
Pairing: Elijah/?
Rating: PG



I miss him…

more and more with

Every day.

Sometimes he seems so far away…

sometimes he’s very close to me.


I remember our last day of shooting..

I felt relieved that we made it,

but I felt sad, too.

‘It’s over’ I thought,

for all time…

It was weird to remove the feet

for the last time

It was weird to change the clothes…

Giving back the velvety brown jacket…

for the last time.


I miss him.

It wasn’t just a role I had to play…

He became to me

a second skin,

a second mind,

A second me.


Memories...wonderful and 
painful memories...

but I don't have tears anymore...
though my eyes are burning...


Never will I feel

what I felt

being ‘him’.

Never will I go back to

The Shire.


Frodo… he’s so lucky,

he has Sam.

His Sam.


I don't have my Sam…

I can’t have my Sam…

But heart burns

like a dragon fire…
it's almost unbearable.

But there’s no hero...

nobody will come to rescue

I’m more Frodo now

than I ever was…

waiting at

Mr. Doom ... 

Waiting for 


It will never be over…

Frodo will always be in my heart…

As well as Sam…

As well as


My friend…

My companion…

My almost lover…


I miss them all…

Enjoy your weekend f-list! 

Love you all,


Tags: elijah

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