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a little gift

for my dearest mews1945

Just because...

Love you, my dear!


Title: Hugs
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G




He’s amazing.

Sometimes I simply can’t believe

he’s MINE

and mine alone.


He’s always looking for contact,

no matter where we are,

no matter what time it is ,

no matter who’s around.


He hugs me

in the morning in bed when I’m

merely awake

before we get up for the day and

a little later when we’re having



He hugs me

at school

at the supermarket

at the gas station


He hugs me

while reading a book together


He hugs me

on a hot summer night swaying

in the hammock


He hugs me


in the middle of a sentence…

when I’m talking

to his mother



Just because…



At night it’s me

clinging to him…

desperate and happy…

leaving marks everywhere…

just to remind me the next day

yes, he was here…

this wasn’t a dream…


I don’t know how many times

I cried in silence

just because

he loves me

so much…



But I…


love him...


even more…

Love my f-list!
Hugs you all,

Tags: casey/zeke

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