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Good evening

YAY! Monday is over! and now i'll go to bed (no, I'll jump into it) with tons of fanfics I've just printed. 
I wonder if there'll be time for sleeping (sleep = wasted time), LOL. 

Title: A little gift
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

We’re together now for a couple

of weeks and

it still feels so new…

My knees get week when

he looks at me…

my brain runs blank

when he talks to me…


Today it’s a little


We’re together for exactly

90 days.


I wanted to give him something.
I’ve got it on a flea market.

It’s a small Irish ring

with three Claddagh symbols
engraved to the ring.

Each entwined to the other

with a continuous

rope chain of celtic knots...

'representing the flowing of Time

and Movement within

That Which is Eternal'

the old Irish seller told me…

There’s no beginning …

There’s no end…

That’s how I feel for



our love.


Casey was deeply touched…

whispered between many

ghostlike kisses

“We are more soulmates

than I thought us to be”.


and handed me a little chain

with the Celtic endless knot…

It's meaning?
Endless love...

I love my Casey.
and I'm sooooo happy!

Good night, my friends. 
Sleep sweet, have the nicest of dreams.


Tags: casey/zeke

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