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Title: Heat
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: NC 17

Thanks again to my dear beta aliensouldreamfor all your help, inspiration and encouragement to post this!


I deeply desire making love to you, but I’m deathly afraid. Oh what, I’m not sure.

We both look deeply into each other’s  eyes, each of us trying to reach into the other’s soul.

You can sense that I’m nervous and a bit … unsure, so you allow me to guide our direction.

My heart is beating so fast that I’m sure you're able to feel it as our chests touch. The warmth of the moment is intense. I love the feeling of this embrace.


I gently wrap my arms around you, embracing your slender frame close to my own.

There’s nothing but this moment, this touch, leaning in for a kiss. Soft and gently at first.

I’m leaning closer… and closer… as if trying to get into your skin. Your skin is so soft, I have to feel each and every inch of it.


My head is resting on your shoulder, your touch sends shivers down my spine. Your touch leads me further to my destiny.. your touch let me know I’m wanted

The feeling of intimacy is far beyond believe. There’s an innermost fire, the hunger of this desire I fear most.


Emotions erupt by kissing you again, hard…deep…long. The lust, the longing, temptation … it’s too much – your heated breath encourages me to go further.. As my tongue embraces yours, you moan… groaning as I put in more pressure.

You sigh … with it comes an urgency, a need for release. Your eyes soften, visions dancing together, underneath the moonlight in a slow-motion. Streams of hot salty sweat with only heat to cover our nakedness.


Fingers weave through a tangle of damped hair.. stirring love’s desire. It’s both soothe and torment. We are no longer two… I’m savoring what you do, looking where our bodies join … me and you…

We are screaming, tears blinding our minds. You make me scream louder as my love for you grows more and more… We climax in eternal bliss.


You look into me only to see into the soul where our future now lies… When I'm with you,
eternity is a step away, lost in our world –

The universe collide.


Now I'll take a little break, see you later, f-list! 
Take care! 


Tags: casey/zeke

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