julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday!!!

I'm toooo late... *kicks the mop out of the window*

Happy birthday my dear 


I hope you're having a wonderful day, with lots of love and joy, laughter and happiness. 
May the coming year be full of sunshine and moonlight, stars and ... hobbit-goodness
All the very best for you, sweetheart!

If summer would be a lady
how old would she be?
She might be twenty-six
or she could be fourty-three.
We could never guess her age
for she would look quite young
yet have a certain mature look
to make us wonder some. 
If summer was a lady,
her age we would not know,
she knows how to hold her age, 
Summer is lovely to behold. 

E. Arney

Lots of love and birthday hugs, 
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