julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

 This is for my dear friend  aprilkat, just because ...
You're such a lovingly and warm-hearted friend, I'm so glad to know you 

Title: Names
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

He called me EZEKIEL yesterday! I snapped at him "No one calls me like that! Don't do it!"
He looked like I'd be a monster...
"Fuck, Case... I'm sorry, but ... just call me ZEKE, ok?" 
I know he didn't understand. How could he know this EZEKIEL reminds me on my oh so dear mother.
"So I'm no one to you?"
Hell, I didn't mean this. 
"Didn't say that, Connor!" I'm such an idiot!
He touched my hands, slightly. "I'm sorry..." 
He gets me all the time...

Voicing my Ezekiel-name in my head later, spoken bei him ... doesn't sound THAT bad. 
I gave him names, too "Case, Beauty, Love... Mine...".
Shit! The last thing I need is picking flowers ... Tyler, you're  no girl!
Looking down at me ... "No, I'm definitely not!" 

Love and hugs,
Tags: casey/zeke

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