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Happy Birthday!

There's a little wonderland I visited many many times the last years. Where do you find it? You just have to open "the green door". I opened it countless times and I was and I still am ...charmed. 
Not only by the wonderful stories you can find there, charmed by you my dear elanorgardner

Happy Birthday sweetheart! 
Thank you for being a wonderful friend, caring, loving and just being you. 
Have a wonderful and very special day as special as YOU are.


Title: Garden of Dreams
Pairing: F/S
Rating: G


Garden of dreams


Behind Bag End’s garden there’s a secret place hidden by lilac and butterfly bushes,

Surrounded by pines my father planted many years ago. Nobody knows about this little place, not even my Master.

There is an old bench Mr. Bilbo wanted to throw away, I repaired it, painted it blue.

There is also a small table I made of the trunk of an old oak.

It’s my refuge, my secret place to escape from reality.

As soon as I finished watering the flowers, flowers in all shades of blue, white, red and yellow – I just sit down looking at this beautiful picture. Butterflies and bumblebees are dancing through the air cheerfully. I have to admit I am very proud of this small place.


Many times I am here thinking about my daily chores, dreaming about fearful adventures, dragons, trolls and elves…

But most of the time I am dreaming of my Master. Watching him reading this afternoon, elbows on his knees, chin in his hands, frowning not and then, smiling, too … made my heart stand still. Looking into his eyes before I had to leave always takes my breath away. Who wouldn’t be charmed looking in those pearls of blue for only a moment…

I am young and I already found my little piece of rainbow.


Today he whispered “You are no less a miracle for being ‘just’ my gardener…”

My gardener he said.


I always wonder if it’s too early to go

Or far too late.


I can picture your graceful movements, where are you going, Frodo?

How will it feel to hold you in my arms?

How will your lips feel meeting mine?

Is your skin as soft as I think it to be?


Why did I choose you, Mr. Frodo?

As if I had a chance.


This little bit of love he shows me makes me feel accepted.

For the first time in my life I am someone great.

My gardener’ …


It is time to leave my garden of dreams, waving good-bye to the flowers, to bench and table.


The time will come, when Frodo will love this little place, too.

And me.

Lots of love and big tight hugs, 

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