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Title: Intensity
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

I kissed him.

I truly kissed him.

All what counts

I hold in my arms.

He sinks down on his knees,

trembling all over,

weeping silently.

I didn’t expect this coming.

No, that’s not true.

I knew exactly this

would be happening

at the very first moment

he looked at me…

straight into my heart,

deep into my inner self

He thinks I’m in danger.

This makes me smile.

I have no fear.

All is new and fresh –

for me as well

as it is for him.

Here in my arms

is the “real” Zeke,

No mask,

just a young and warmhearted man,

emotions naked like the rising sun.

Nobody knows him

like this.


The magic of this moment

is intense.

The intensity of emotions …



This word has a new meaning ...


I’m glad he found the courage

to tell me

how much he wants me.

Without words. 

His head on my chest …

listening to my beating heart.



Only he and I.

 Wrapped together against the night
in each other’s arms
my name resting on your lips...
floating on a whisper...
I am in love.

My universe

is here.


Have a nice day, f-list! 
See you later!

Love and hugs, 

Tags: casey/zeke

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