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Hello again

I'm still on holiday and it seems time flies... I hope you're all doing well and life is good to you, f-list. 

Title: Next Step
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: G

„Next step“


I thought you are a windfall…

I never guessed you are a blessing.

I feel dizzy

My head is spinning with

the thought of the consequences…

like I would be scared

that we will be caught…

I’ll stop playing

hide and seek

inside and



Half-dressed, barefoot

I’m walking through the night.

I’m on my way to you -

making the next step.


 The big question I keep

asking myself is, why?

Why did I wait so long?

Was it pride?


The fear of being loved?


Time is a precious item,

of which we never seem

to have enough.

I won’t waste time any longer.


Looking at the night sky

I’m fascinated by the random

play of colours and contrasts,

by light and shadow,

by light and dark,

by you and me.


So here you are,

Ezekiel Tyler.

Knocking on Casey’s door…



Your eyes are mesmerizing, heart-stopping,

it’s hard to breath

We’re standing close…

face to face…

only inches apart.

I’m wincing, knowing

it only needs the smallest touch

to set me on fire…


I’m unable to voice my toughts…

You whisper gently

“I know, Zeke, I know…

I want you, too…”


With your lips softly touching mine

I feel a never before “seen” correlation

between beauty, harmony

uniqueness and



Casey wants me.

Casey wants me.

Casey wants me.


Good night, my friends! Enjoy your time. 
You'll meet me in the stars... as always.


Tags: casey/zeke

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