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Another sleepless night

I'm sitting here feet in a little tub filled with iced water ... mmmm... that's so good, even my cat Maxi (usually she hates water) is standing in the tub. Iced tea to the left, fan to the right ... and it's 1.30 a.m. ! My cats are playing "I'm dead" all day long and so does Wolfgang *giggles*

Title: First Step
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

“First step”


I’ll see him tomorrow,

he just needs a little more time.

How big is a hug about to be

until it becomes an embrace?

It’s one of those

masterpieces of connection.


When I left him today –

I did the first step for us

in hugging him good-bye.

He was …

surprised, he blushed and

held me tight

In a wordless embrace.

I left in a hurry…


If  only he could have seen

his eyes…

Eyes on fire glowing like coals in the night…

hungry eyes burning with …

love ?

He was so close,

close as never before

to ask me “Stay…”

Instead he whispered

“Bye, Casey…”

I’m sure he wants me

but fear takes over…


When I shut the door

I heard his typical

“Fuck! Fuck you, Tyler!”

and a glass shattering on the floor.


So I’m right.

There’s desire, Zeke…

You are halfway there…

Just spread your wings and


My arms are open

as is my heart.

Love is like air and wind

You may not see it ...
not yet ...
I can feel it.

Love is something of a mystery.


While waiting for him

I hug myself with joy. 

Good night f-list! See you soon again! 
Sleep sweet, have the nicest of dreams ... 


Tags: casey/zeke

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