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Still awake ...

 After gallons of strawberry tea and some coconut cookies I'm not tired anymore.
Cats are snuggling at my feet, purring ... it's just beautiful. 
Perfect time for dreaming, writing and translating this and that. 

This is for my dear  friend aliensouldream , thank you for your encouragement, sweetheart! 

Title:  Sleeping Fire
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG
No beta, all mistakes are mine.


I didn’t see him in days,

in two days to be exactly.

It feels like


It’s Sunday morning and

I don’t know what to do.

Maybe I should scrub the floor

To get us a lovely home.


Tyler, get to your senses.

He’s still living at home.

With his parents.

He’s just 17.

But for me he is “home”.

Sometimes I miss my parents,

When he’s around it’s easier

To accept that they are

Not here…

To hug me..

To take care for me…

I’m not a child anymore

And yet I am.

I want to get hugged

I wish they would care for me

Sometimes I am just a child

And I hate it.

I don’t hate it when Casey is here.

He hugs me when I’m on the phone,

He holds me when I’m feeling down…

He takes care  for me

When I’m sad.

He’s more mature than I am.


Was it the beauty that took me

By surprise,

Or was it the mysterious look

In his eyes?

My friends think he’s nothing

To me he’s everything…

It’s hard to hide it…

Day by day…

I know it’s dangerous.

My love – is it love? –

For him is like a wild fire

Waiting to be inflamed…

I can feel it…

The fire begins to burn free

Out of control…

You thought I am here to protect you

With me being the older one.

I can’t protect you from myself…


As long as I don’t dare to look

Deeper and depper into my heart…

You are  safe, Casey…

You are  safe, Casey…

Only …when you are not here …

but I want …

so very much…


of you…


Be careful, Casey.

I can feel the

Heat of desire


More and more…

Be careful, Casey…

I cannot guarantee on anything  ...

Have a magical Monday night, f-list!
Love you all,

Tags: casey/zeke

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