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Josh update

It's been a while ... 
So here's Josh today when I came home from Berlin ... 
He was bouncing around like mad and then he was just cuddly. 

I'm so happy to be back home, all the kitties are ok and I'm ok again, too. 

The Musical Mama Mia! was fantastic! What a show! Great actors and great music. OK it was ABBA, it IS great!

Berlin is an amazing city. We've seen a lot, yesterday we just watched people...nothing more. It's wonderful to do this...

I think I told you we've been invited by Wolfgang's cousin. So no hotel would be needed, he told us. 
He's a single . That's ok. But the flat - if I would call it like that. Dust and dirt wherever you are. And the smell!
We had to sleep between snakes, spiders, lizards and scorpions together with 2 big dogs, his cousin and dozens free running mice. We couldn't get a hotel room because of the holidays so we had to stay there for 3 f..... nights. 
I never felt so dirty in my life. We couldn't use the bathroom because of hairs on the floor, water and something nonedescriptly around the toilet and the bathtub, there was no shower so Wolf and I went to a swimming pool nearby to get a shower. It was pure horror. When we came back home today I was in the shower for more than 1 hour and now -  looking at our flat  - I feel like a queen. I don't have to mention I didn't sleep more than 3 hours the last days and now I'm so tired, I can't sleep. Good for me. Time to catch up with my wonderful and very much missed f-list. 

I'm so glad knowing you around. Now I'll enjoy my beautiful life here more than ever! 

Love and lots of hugs, zillions of stars and all the best from my roof-top
Julchen and Luna 

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