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Happy Sunday!!!

It's raining, it's cold, it's the perfect time for doing NOTHING ... besides reading, dreaming, mayyybe writing ...
I hope you're all enjoying this wonderful day as much as I do! 

Title: The Swing
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

No beta, all mistakes are mine ... 

The Swing 

It has become a habit to take a walk at night on Monday, Wednesday, Friday… for 4 years now.

Holding hands, talking about this and that, kissing now and then … we both love this at the end of the day.

Today you tugged me to a playground .

“Casey, come on ! Let’s swing through the night!”

You ran, jumping and twirling around like a little boy, you even turned a wheel.

You took a seat, sitting on your lap  we started swinging. Slowly at first, up and down, back and forth … only now and then your feet touched the ground. Legs in, legs out … high and low … up in the air, down to the ground…

With the summer wind caressing our faces I felt peace and joy mirrored in our souls.

Your eyes smiled and I knew we were already one.

“Look at the stars, Casey? Aren’t they beautiful?”

I could feel your heart beating… flying higher and higher. It seemed we were swinging closer and closer to millions of little diamonds… All I saw were our feet over my head. I looked down seeing the ground rushing up towards us, fast and thrilling but your feet barely skimmed the surface of the sand. The swing was creaking and squeaking… up … and down …

You began to hum in the rhythm of the swing, tunes so soft and charming… and then you started laughing.

“Reach the stars, Casey? Isn’t it gorgeous? With you I can FLYYYY!!! ”

You laughed even louder and leaned back, howling like a wolf!

My heart nearly jumped out … “Zeke!!!”

I’ve never seen you like that. You shouted in the middle of the night “I could swing in the middle of the night under the silver mooooon! World, can you hear me? I found him and I loooove him, all the world is MINE!!!  I. AM. HAPPY BECAUSE OF CASEEEEY!!!”


As you let your love shine you unconsciously give me permission to do the same.

See you later, f-list! Now I have to hurry, Josh The Cat  is waiting :-) 
Love and hugs,


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