julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Good morning!!!

YES, and weekend is soooo close :-) 
I have to work until next Wednesday and then - VACATION! 

Title: Happiness
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG




The colour of happiness must be 


It’s wonderful waking up beside you

Every morning.

Happiness to me is watching you

When yo fell asleep in my arms

At night.


Happiness to me is to say

“I love you”

At least once a day.

It’s at no time

Taking you for granted.

It’s not looking for perfection

In each other.

It’s this special atmosphere

In which we can grow old.


I promise to keep myself

Open to you..

To let you see

Through the window of my world,

Into my feelings,

Into my secrets,

Into my dreams.


It’s no greater thing

For me

Than to be with you

In silent

Unspoken memories.


Happiness is so much more …

It’s you, Zeke…

Have a happy day, friends!!! 
I'm so sorry I'm so much behind here, I don't comment that much lately ... but I'm sure I'll visit you this weekend. 

Love and hugs, 
Tags: casey/zeke

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