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It's raining ...

 It's raining, the best time to stay indoors and get stuff done I wanted to do for so long...
Reading... writing ... *giggles;as if this would be something new*

Title: "Weakness"
Pairing: Z/C
Rating: PG

No beta, all mistakes are mine...




Sometimes it isn’t that bad

To be alone.

No… that’s not how it sounds.

But there are times I just

Need a little space…

Sitting on my bed, eyes closed,

Secret tears are streaming down my face,

Tears I don’t want

him to see.

We’ve been through so very much,

The memories are just too strong

On days like this---

Even for me.

I’m confused.

I’m sad.

I’m angry.

I’m hurt.

I’m just naked.


Come on, Zeke Tylor –

Stand your ground,

Because he’s worth it.

Because you are worth it.

He remembers me

Day by day

“Dare to be vulnerable,

Just be yourself…”


Crying, thinking, arguing with myself…

I don’t know what

Terrifies me the most…

To be lost or

Loosing him.

Perhaps it’s too early to go

Or far too late…
But I'm sure
running away will never be
an option...

I want to be strong,

I hate being weak.


I didn’t hear him coming.

He’s running to me,

Hugging me,

Holding me close,

kissing me over and over again...

“I’ll carry you home, Zeke…”


That's all I need..
Simply You.

Enjoy your Sunday, f-list. 



Tags: casey/zeke

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