julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

It's a birthday

 Happy birthday dear trianne
I hope you're having a wonderful day, full of love and sunshine, joy and ... hobbits! 
I wish you all the very best! 

Title: "Your eyes" 
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG


"Your eyes"

The smile upon your face

Beauty painted for all to see

I’m jealous.


Blue eyes sparkling at me

a blush of pink upon your cheeks…

I’m nervous.


Your speaking to me gently …

taking me to the land of fantasy.

I’m dreaming.


Your warm hand is touching my heart…

Your smile  is touching my heart…

I’m burning.


With your eyes you’re telling me

“I love you, too”

I’m lost.

Enjoy your day, enjoy this beautiful life, sweetie!

Love and big tight birthday hugs, 
Tags: frodo/sam

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