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What a beautiful Sunday!!!

 I finished homework for my English class, YAY! 
And there was much time for reading and scribbling. I feel so good I think I could burst :-) 
My little nephew asked me for another little fairy tail and I started today, he wanted a little story about a "Potatoe King". There's an old fairy tale my mother told me when I was a child a loooooong time ago but I can't remember it.
So I have to do a new one. Great! I just love writing little stories for children. 
The ones I did so far are called "Sven Sly the mighty rain worm", "Anna's bee queen", "Castle of blue ice cream" (for my niece Katja, "Rubber boots" (for my sister Karin), "The Bookworm" for my dad, "The Rose Queen" (for my mom) and so many more... 

All the kids only have to tell me some words, give me some of their drawings and then it's very easy . I can't tell you how much  I love to do this. Today I got a list from my niece Lena ... because of the list I got an idea ... 

Title: "The List" 
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: none

"The List" 

Today  I've found Casey's sketch book... 
I couldn't resist to take a look.
I've discovered a list called
"Things I love to do"

1. Get wet while dancing in the rain
2. Swing as high as you can on a swing set by moonlight
3. Giggle with children
4. Listen to old people
5. Build a fort with blankets
6. Write love letters
7. Smile to strangers
8. Learn how to cook
9. Drive away fear
10. Love Zeke (most important)

I'm sure I won't remember days, 
but I'm sure I'll remember moments 
like this ... 

I made a list, too
of all the things I wasn't prepared for: 

List Zeke:
1.) Casey

Love and hugs, 

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