julchen11 (julchen11) wrote,

Good morning

 It is indeed a wonderful morning. The sun is shining, I was sitting in the garden ... clouds watching...
And I had to write a little.

Title: Ordinary day
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG

No beta, all mistakes are mine.

“Ordinary day”
Sitting here at the beginning of the day.
Tired and exhausted
I’m leaning against you …
The light is soft and golden …
The morning sun is  warming our faces.
I close my eyes...
Breathing you in…
Listening to your heartbeat…
 It’s surprising 
How much of memory
Is built
Around things
Unnoticed at the time.

Ordinary things.

Like talking to you,

Watching you smiling, 
Ordinary things
Like watching the clouds 
Are those cloud dolphins?

You whisper softly
“Do you know it’s said:
When dolphins dream
They dream of stars…”

 I’m looking into your eyes …
And I’m falling in love again. 
Days spent with you, Zeke
Will  never be ordinary.

Enjoy your Sunday, sweethearts!

Love and hugs, 
Tags: casey/zeke

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