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Monday morning

and it isn't a bad morning. I just fed Josh and my bunnies, it's warm outside and I'm as tired as my cats, LOL.
I hope you're all ok.
Have a wonderful week!

Title: First Step
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: maybe R

Thank you to my beta shoesparks, without her I wouldn't have posted it. 


“First step”


What are you waiting for Zeke? You won’t take the first step, will you.  So I guess I got to do it. Well, fine by me.


You were in my soul from the beginning.


Love and electricity are one.

I can feel them every time you slightly touch me.


I have only to look and your eyes show me love.


I’ll follow you to the dark side of your desire and beyond.


I know how far I’m willing to go, Zeke.


 I’m not as innocent as you may think.


You’ve had so many battles inside yourself, I understand how that feels.


Show me who you really are, and how to love you. For me, love is like a river, long and beautiful, I can’t see the end of it.


Lean on me… I am stronger than you realize. Follow me… I will guide you. Or lead me on… and I will gladly follow.


Now our souls are bare as surely as our bodies. We’re dancing as only lovers do, to music only we can hear. Harmony, passion, temporary madness, breathlessness. that’s what our love feels like inside of me.


I can see this in your eyes as well as desperation, sadness, courage, want and the tears. Don’t hide these little diamonds, not this time, not from me.


I hold you with desire, grasping your body, wrapping my legs around your waist like a python around her prey. Bodies warm with passion’s heat, pressed together in a hungry embrace, erotic rhythm of hips in motion.


I feel the touch of your trembling hands.

You’re saying a thousand words without speaking.


Two lovers… hand in hand … eye to eye …


Two hearts beating in perfect time.

I hear your broken voice, say only my name.



I feel the warmth of our blood, we hold each other as we hold our thoughts.

No more empty spaces, you fill me up with hope.

Soul meets soul on my lover’s lips…

Riding waves of emotions, on the edge of a rainbow, feels like heaven.


A soft whisper, a questioning fear, in the darkness.


“Casey, … If I tell you I love you, can I keep you?”


As sleep takes me away…

Tags: casey/zeke

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