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Good morning, good morning, good morning !!!

How are you all? What a fantastic morning!
I overslept, I'm on diet and I'm tired. But who cares? 
Being on diet is so very hard so I have to keep my fingers busy :-) 
Don't run to  the fridge and eat ...
sit down and write.
Maybe it works *giggles and grabs notebook*

Title: Dreams
Pairing: C/Z
Rating: PG



Looking at this picture taken just last evening,

I wish I could smile with such innocence.

Amazing … after all we had to go through.


Who are you, mysterious boy?

You wander through my dreams,

Teasing me,

haunting me,

tempting me.


You strayed unknowingly into my soul.

But there’s fear insight,

This blinds you ,

This hurts your heart.

This hurts me, too.

I’ll try to change it.

I’ll make no promise – promises are

Tears waiting to fall.


You are not longer

Lost and alone.

In dreams you are never lost,

I can share mine with you…

I want you to be whole and true.


When I found  you I had nothing,

You offered me your heart

And now I have everything.


My heart fell hard,
For the loving heart inside of you

Fantasy became reality,

Reality became you.  

Little words ...
so much said but
not enough.
I think I should tell you ...

Have a wonderful day, my friends! 

Tags: casey/zeke

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