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We had again snow this night, it looks so beautiful. White and peaceful. 
Maybe be could dream together for a little while ... 

The Forbidden Kiss

The sweet aroma, fragrance of Thy indulgent fantasies
Your shadow, sexy sillouhette approaches
...In the midnight hour
Frightened yet excited.... drawing closer
closer you take me into your body and soul
Longing for the kiss..
The forbidden Kiss
The forbidden fruit... that only your kiss does hold
Gazing at each others cherry lips with total astonishment
As if hypnotized...Drawing nearer...Closer
Longing for them to meet mine
Seeking to drink them in like a fine wine
This kiss...This Forbidden Kiss...So Sweet...Never Ending
Tasting the taste of raspberry wne
so splendid... on your lips
Interlocked in each others Arms...Legs
Forever Will This wonderful kiss
Be sought
Knowing, Hoping
Forever will be Forbidden

(Peter LeBuhn)

As i_o_r_a_h_e_l said yesterday 

This writer doesn't realize of whom he was talking 

Have a nice day to all of you


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